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Seedboost works with established companies to improve and maximise returns from their software products. From UX/UI and interaction design to engagement and conversion rates, get advice and support throughout your SaaS or software journey from the people behind some of the world’s most successful software products.

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SaaS companies with an annual growth rate of 20% have only an 8% chance of surviving.

Because the SaaS marketplace is crowded, and only those who outperform will last. SaaS companies have the added pressure of needing to sustain growth and retain customers over a long period of time. Ensure your business is one of the few; learn from the people responsible for some of the highest growth software companies in the world.

Software products need to be robust, but also inherently user friendly.

The best SaaS products have taken off thanks to the solid foundations they built based on analyses, market fit and user experience.

Back in 2013, no one had heard of the graphic design software that would come to rival Adobe’s dominance in the market.

Working alongside co-founder Cliff Obrecht, we helped design Canva from the ground up. Today, the company is worth $6 billion.

Social Proof

How we’ve already helped software businesses like yours succeed.

  • Topolytics

    We provided support to Topolytics in their journey to winning a prestigious Google and SAP competition through redesigning their pitch deck and software.

  • WhisperClaims

    We helped WhisperClaims redesign their existing web app, making direct improvements to their user journey, dashboard features and overall customer experience.

  • Workpro

    We completed the software redesign and UX/UI overhaul, as well as wireframes, user flows, prototypes, UI design and UI style guide for the development team.

  • Axios Systems

    After successfully overhauling the key features and user experience of Axios’ enterprise software, we also improved the usability, user interface and ease of use.

Our Method

It’s no longer enough to build something and hope they will come. Today’s SaaS marketplace demands exceptional products, and we’ve honed our methods accordingly.

Crafted from years of experience and industry expertise, these three core pillars cover every aspect of what it takes to turn your software product into an engaging and effective SaaS enterprise.

  • Apraise

    Get started by taking stock of how your product is performing and identifying strengths and weaknesses. You'll get advice on design, usability, market analysis and product tweaks.

  • Improve

    Secure business development funding, acquire customers, and relaunch your product using tried and tested revenue generation, audience acquisition and sales strategies.

  • Succeed

    Access professional advice, implementation and on-call expertise from specialists in the software and SaaS industries, including on-going engagement.

How can we help?

You’ve got a software product - now make it work for your business. We specialise in taking existing business models and breathing new life into them, so whether your goal is a growing user base, higher conversion rates or simply better ROI, there’s an option that’s right for you.

  • Take stock of your product
    • UX / UI design & product strategy
    • Product validation & solution fit
    • Customer research
    • UX research & audit
    • Wireframes
    • User experience design
    • User interface design
    • Product prototype
    • Minimum viable product
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  • Grow your business
    • Funding & revenue generation
    • Government grants
    • R&D tax relief
    • Pre-seed & seed investment help
    • Investor readiness
    • Product / market fit
    • B2C customer acquisition
    • B2B sales & lead generation
    • Business development
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  • Embed success strategies
    • Business strategy & research
    • Market research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Business strategy
    • Business advice & mentoring
    • Business plan
    • Investor pitch decks
    • Executive summary
    • Financial forecasts
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About us

Seedboost is a UK-based software consultancy powered by experts in the industry. We help SaaS companies redesign and improve their products through user experience and product expertise.

Founder and director Ryan Falconer began Seedboost in 2020 after spending 14 years working on some of the world’s fast growing software companies with their founding teams. He’s now using that knowledge to help other software companies reach new heights by reinvigorating their products.

I saw that there was a desperate need amongst software companies for a reliable, trusted partner which could not only help them assess which parts of their software needs improvement, but also one which could help them plan for growth.

My goal is to share with software and SaaS businesses the knowledge and expertise gained from over a decade working with some of the most successful firms in the software world. By providing a holistic support system, including product strategy, design and development, we help the software community to improve their product and their bottom line - no gimmicks, just real, measurable results.

Ryan Falconer

Why Seedboost?

Specialists in digital experience and online interfaces, Seedboost supports companies like yours from software redesign to launch and beyond.

  • Expertise as standard

    Whether you need advice on business strategy, market entrance or practical, technical support, you can rely on us. Our team of digital product specialists cover everything from business analysis and user experience to product strategy and software development.

  • Trusted professionals

    Our Founder, Ryan Falconer, is recognised globally for successfully delivering digital experience projects in direct collaboration with some of the world's leading technology companies and founders, including Mike Welch, who sold to Michelin for £50 million, and Cliff Obrecht, the co-founder of with a recent valuation of over $6 billion.

  • Proven Methods

    Over the past 14 years our team has successfully completed over 150 projects in multiple sectors, achieving concrete results from complex product initiatives with significant impact.

Here’s what teams like yours are saying about Seedboost.

  • Seedboost helped us to develop an effective and engaging user experience for key components of a digital Government service.

    Mike Groves CEO, Topolytics
  • Seedboost helped me take my idea to a clickable prototype in a few weeks and create a complex software product within 3 months.

    John Smith CTO, Untitled
  • Seedboost produced clean and attractive designs that resolved the UX/UI hotspots within our app. We were pleased with the results.

    Richard Edwards CEO, WhisperClaims
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